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Premier Entertainment

Heaven's Kiss

Shilah Phillips

Shilah Phillips, lead vocalist of "Heaven's Kiss: Girl Groups Through The Ages," gained national recognition on American Idol season 3. She's the 1st African-American Miss Texas and 1st runner up to Miss America. Renowned for jazz and pop, featured on MTV's "Pageant School," and voted one of Dallas' Most Beautiful Women. Performs weekly at Truluck's Uptown Dallas, delivering captivating performances. "Heaven's Kiss" is an energetic girl band tribute spanning musical history, from Dianna Ross to Destiny's Child, with seamless transitions, iconic group tributes, and a James Bond segment. Unforgettable musical journey with pageantry and excitement.

Event Entertainment, Based in Dallas, Texas and Los Angeles


urn your event into a truly unique experience with our event entertainment. In Dallas, TX. We are a luxury entertainment group, offering energetic, crowd-pleasing concerts. Whether you’re looking for the perfect wedding band or a special performance for your business event, we’re here for you. Rely on us to provide your parties with quality shows.

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